21 April 2004

Lego (knock-off) Meets the Cold War

OK, so today I broke down and splurged and bought the coolest toy I have seen for some time. It is made by Oxford, a Korean company that makes a Lego-esque product (and is considered by Lego to be a major competitor in the South Korean market, giving good quality and lower prices, according to a study on Lego in the Asia market). It is part of their military series of Lego-esque toys and is... get this... the Joint Security Area (JSA) up at Panmunjom. A picture of the set is here. It comes with little Lego-esque South Korean soldiers wearing big mirrored RayBans and little Lego-esque North Korean soldiers with their red stars on their hats and little goose-stepping legs. This will be proudly displayed on my office desk when I get back to the states. Also in the series is a South Korean command post, complete with a Lego-esque map of the battle plans for an assault on North Korea. Oh, and to add to the marketing, the cover picture on the box I bought is basically a Lego-esque reproduction of one of the famous scenes from the movie JSA.

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