11 May 2004

Don't Throw Any Sundry Goods

Nothing special to write, just thought I'd let you read something that has been keeping me amused. After leaving the Great Wall, I walked past a bear zoo (Qiushi Garden), and had to take a picture of their sign. I got my pictures developed today, so here is the important information about bears. (all spellings and spacings as originally printed)

1) Do you know its habits and characteristic?
Black bear, Eating meat catalog, bear branch.
Distribute in the Northeast,Northwest,Southwest and South middle of our country.AT normal they stay at defoliate woods and shrub woods. In summer they stay at high area of sea level and in winter they stay at low level. They like to live alone,act at night and good at climb and swimming.They have very develoed sense of smell but have very poor sight so they are called "blind bear".
At North the bears have hibernation habit. They eat grass, soft leaves, wild fruit, seed,honey,none-backbone and small-backbone animal. Living at wild condition the can live for 30 years and man made condition for 60 years.
They are protected by state and belongs to critical animal by the international Trade Pact.

2) Don't throw any sundry goods.
Bear is a direct bowel animal so if eat sundry goods easy to cause bowel block,especially plastic bag and bottle of mineral water can cause death.

There, now remember, don't throw sundry goods, or you may block up the direct bowel animals.

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