28 July 2004

Crisis in South Korea?

Summer is strike season in South Korea, and labor unions are walking off the job all over the place, from oil companies to auto manufacturers to taxi drivers and doctors. But all that pales in comparison to a new strike that may be coming in August.

SEOUL, July 27 (Yonhap) -- The labor union of Jinro Ltd., South Korea's No. 1 distiller of traditional liquor "soju," said Tuesday its members will cast ballots early next month on whether to launch a strike. The announcement came after the union reported to the Labor Ministry earlier in the day that the company's labor-management talks had fallen apart.

Think of it, no Soju?! South Koreans consume prodigious amounts of Soju, and it lubricates not only a smoky/greasy meal of bulgogi or kalbi, but also business relations, peer networking and university friendships. Soju also contributes to South Korea’s image as the “Land of the Morning Calm,” as so many people are hung over in the mornings, thus keeping noise levels down.

You can read more about Jinro Soju at their website http://www.jinro.co.kr

Also, here is a little brief from the site on their best-selling domestic brand, Chamjinsulro (ALC. 22% BY VOL).

Launched in 1998, the liquor thrice-filtered with charcoal made from bamboo In Korea, Chamjinisulro is the first clean and safe soju filtered three times with charcoal made from bamboo, which is cooked at 1,000 degrees celsius. Because Chamjinisulro has been filtered twice, it has never been leaving no harmful ingredients or impurities. You can enjoy pure taste without the burden of hangovers due to it's containing asparagine and affulent minerals. Jinro's latest addition to its already popular portfolio, has been breaking all kinds of sales record.

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