27 January 2006

Can't We All Just Be Friends?

Given Roh Moo Hyun's recent comments about the United States, South Korea and differences in North Korean policy, I thought it might be good for everyone to just pull out a copy of "Welcome to Dongmakgol" from their video library or local rental place and sit down and watch it together. Following in the trend of what I call the "sympathy for the devil" trend of movies like Spy: Lee Chul Jin, Swiri and JSA, Welcome to Dongmakgol takes the genre even further, not only showing a sort of sad affection for the North Korean characters, but truly embracing them as, well, Korean (something Heaven's Soldiers tried to do, but the movie was lacking in fulfilment overall). And the antagonist is war itself, not the Americans, the North Koreans or the South Koreans. A welcome change. After all, cant we all just be friends?

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