01 August 2006

DPRK: Lodging a Protest With a Well-Placed Kick

Asia Watch has the video of the DPRK women's soccer tram taking out their frustration on the referee and linesman (the wonders of YouTube). The ROK men's team in the World Cup was as angry, but didn't resort to kicking and throwing bottles. Of course, North Korea has said that was just their way to "lodge a protest." If you ask me, they were trying to lodge their protests deep in the backside of the referee and linesman...

Anyway, North Korea's statement can be read in full (or summarized form) on the KCNA website. Their focus is not on the Zidane-like behavior of their own players, but on the "unreasonable and dastardly acts [of the referee and linesman] that made the sportspersons of the world blush." The sense of injustice is apparently one of the commonalities of the two Korea’s sports players, something that may bode well for their attempts to field a joint Olympic team.

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