09 March 2007

Juche Girl, Sarangheyo <3<3<3

Juche Girl, Juche Girl

Juche Girl, my heart melts for you.

Who has such brilliant insights as you, daughter of the fatherly leader?!

Who else could come up with the solution to our oil problems: clone dinosaurs so we can melt them into oil.

And who else has such a wise and caring brother who points out how Bush tips over wheelchairs for the laughing pleasure of vampire Cheney? Or has a brother who points out that Kiwis have no wings

because Bush steal their wings and take them to his white house to eat them. Proof of that is that white house has "west wing".

And really, who else could see such ideological struggles in the flight of birds as this October 2005 observation?

I was watching a troop of good little comradely sparrows flying and swirling in formation like invincible state-of-the-art Mig-21 of the KPA Air Force who protect the children from US imperialist air pirates when capitalist puppet seagull flew over me and pooped on me >_<
The poop of the air pirate seagull hit me on the head and stuck in my hair. This made me very sad and angry and I ran home crying. This make me hate Bush more than ever.

Ah Juche Girl, I could read you all day every day. Please, write more!

And the best thing is that, somehow, Juche Girl gets a nod from the Songun Blog, listed among such sources of information as Naenara, Uriminzokkiri and KCNA. If Songun Blog only knew...

And as you read this, watch out for your kittens and your kids' ears, because, as Juche Girl tells us...

Bush is criminal ugly monster who eat little cats and world children eardrums

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