16 April 2004

South Korean Election Results

OK, so I have nine more minutes on my rented internet account. The results of the South Korean election are outstanding for the Uri Party, much higher than they ever hoped before the impeachment. The results can be seen here . They now have a total of 175 seats out of 299, more than half but not quite the two-thirds they need for total dominance. The GNP came in with a total of 100. As I said earlier (in a different forum), the MDP all but disappeared, with just nine seats. The ULD ended with just four seats. The wildcard is the newer Democratic Labor Party, with 10 seats total. But given the 100 seats of the GNP, unless there are defections, Uri can never gain, even in collaboration with all the other parties, a two-thirds majority. But given the party's undeniable public mandate, it will have at least a few months of power to largely do whatever it pleases. And one thing possibly on the horizon is overturning the impeachment of Roh, though if they let the Constitutional Court do that, it will have more of an impact than if his party sets him free.

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