04 February 2005

KCNA running short of Vitriol

In an update to my rant yesterday, take a look at this KCNA report and tell me what is wrong. I’ll give you a hint, there are no condemning diatribes, no complaints about the evil intents of the imperialists or their puppets, no talk about threatening the peace of the Korean peninsula or vows to defend the homeland and the honor of Kim Jong Il.

Seriously, this is one odd piece of KCNA reporting.

Plan for Tactical Exercise of S. Korean Army in Bitter Cold Announced
Pyongyang, February 2 (KCNA) -- The "Metropolitan Garrison Command" of the south Korean army announced that its units' tactical exercise in the depth of winter would be launched near Mt. Kwanak in Seoul on Jan. 31 under the simulated conditions of repelling the infiltration of some forces, according to KBS of south Korea. The drill which will last till Feb. 4 will reportedly involve the firing of blank shells, helicopter mobile and search exercises, ambush, etc.

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