03 February 2005

"You're an 'Outpost of Tyranny...'"

Pyongyang has finally responded to the “outpost of tyranny” comment by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice by saying, well… You are an outpost of tyranny…

North Korea’s weekly Tongil Sinbo labeled the United States the “main post of tyranny,” a remark reminiscent of one a three year old would toss at a fellow day care denizen.

Now, why it took more than a week for Pyongyang to come up with such a weak retort I don’t know, but could it be that Pyongyang’s top schools of journalism no longer turn out the quality propagandists they once did? Even in the 1990s, Pyongyang could still churn out such classics as "running dog," "sea of fire" and others like:

“Kim Young Sam of South Korea, a political prostitute and a Judas of modern version” (KCNA, March 5, 1997)

A “top foreign policy maker of the Japanese ruling Liberal Democratic Party… has become a political illiterate and amaurotic person who cannot tell a from b but only acts as told by the U.S. and the puppets.” (KCNA, June 10, 1997)

In reference to a South Korean Defense Minister – “A mad dog deserves beating with a stick.” (KCNA, April 6, 1999)

“The South Korean authorities[‘]… rash act aims at currying favor with their master, the U.S. flunkeyism makes a person an idiot.” (KCNA, December 7, 1998)

“U.S. brasshats' clamourings about "check of threats from someone" and "deterrent to war" are nothing but an artifice to cover up their nature as warmongers.” (KCNA, December 10, 1998)

Turning around “outpost of tyranny” to “main post of tyranny” is really beneath the capabilities of North Korean propagandists. If Pyongyang’s sloganeering is fading to such weak levels, maybe all the rumors of the collapse of the regime being nigh are more prescient that they first appeared…

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