07 March 2006

Catchin' Cine-Crooks

Cinetizen, a South Korean movie site, has completed its first month of the "film paparazzi" anti-piracy campaign, in which people turn in those who download and distribute pirated movies (and maybe win a prize while doing so). In the first month of operation, the campaign netted some 60,000 violations. The first person to identify a violator gets 10000 won or two movie tickets. The violators have their IDs posted, and can pay to have them removed or risk being sued by a movie studio.

Of course, someone could make a fortune if they could go to a Korean grocery store in the United States. While not internet copies, the cheap video copies of TV series and movies are plentiful, and cheap to rent (with little if any fee if unreturned). And some are now moving more high-tech. Rather than the static-filled videos on tapes that have been copied and erased dozens of times, there are now shiny new DVDs, freshly burned, complete with extra scenes and subtitles. And these, too, don’t seem to have a late fee associated with them. Just 'rent' for a few bucks and forget to take them back.

And the Korean movie studios and actors are upset about the FTA with the United States and the changes in screen quotas?

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