29 August 2006

Auspicious Dates At Hand

In a country where anniversaries still matter, let's consider August 31 and September 5 as significant dates for North Korean "demonstrations" of its self-reliance and deterrent capabilities.

August 31 is the anniversary of the 1998 Taepodong-1 launch, which itself was timed to herald the September 5, 1998 decision by the Supreme People's Assembly to retire the title "President," re-affirm Kim Jong Il's role as Chairman of the National Defense Commission, and raise that role to the highest leadership position in the nation, thus completing the transition of power between Kim Il Sung (who died in 1994) and Kim Jong Il.

If Kim is really in China August 30 and 31, not much will happen on the 31st. But September 5 may be quite a blast as they celebrate Kim Jong Il's glorious leadership...

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