15 October 2006

Good Bye Sunny Hotel, Hello Sunny Ulan Bator

Good Bye to beijing, Hello to Ulan Bator (or is it Ulaan Baator?). The city stretches along the Selbe Gol, flowing out between the hills. There is, unfortunately, a heavy haze of pollution over the city, but nothing compared to Beijing. It is bustling. Mongolians, Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Russians... Today will be a trek into the countryside, to see the real Mongolia, then back to the City.

Sunny Hotel, Beijing. Sunny Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

Chinggis Khaan Airport. (Poor Chinggis, Ghengis, cant have a common spelling for his name yet). Below are pictures of downtown shopping.

Chinggis on the hillside (a view from my hotel).

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