25 January 2007

Beijing in Winter

I had a brief stopover in Beijing on my way to Liaoning province. While much of the horizon was the typical grey/brown air of Beijing, above was a clear, cold blue sky. What better way to spend a winter January day than a trip to the Summer Palace?!
There is no shortage of stairs to climb, so the cool air was certainly not a negative. In typcial local fashion, however, it was a whirlwind tour of the Summer palace grounds - 58 minutes start to finish. Obviously not a thurough look, but a quick overview, nonetheless. Actually, it was just around freezing, but with the sun out, it was a beautiful day, and there were numerous couples and families strolling the Palace grounds.
After looking over the frozen lake, it was off to the Olympic Stadium, where, no matter how many ways we asked, there was no way they were allowing us to get any closer...

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