02 February 2007

Hu Shan Great Wall

Off to the Hu Shan section of the Great Wall of China, "It is the starting of eastern the great wall." you know, "you will feel regret if you don't come to Hu Shan great wall." I definately didn't want to feel regret, so it was up and down the Hu Shan wall. This is one of the rebuilt great walls, and sits in Liaoning province almost along the North Korean border (there are great views of North Korean farmland leading to Uiju from the wall). Some parts are rather steep, but it is a relatively short section, so not too bad. Upon reaching the far end of the wall, however, we were surprised to find the museum (you end up on the roof of the museum from the wall) was locked. We could hear people downstairs, anda generator running, but it took 20 minutes of shouting and banging to get them to hear us and come up and let us in (we had bought tickets at the other end of the wall, so it had better have been open...). The museum is just two floors, and only a few artifacts, but they powered up the generator to provide power so they could turn on the lights for our visit.

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