29 October 2005

A Little More Arirang

Before the move on to Kaesong, a few more Arirang Pictures.
The 60th Anniversary of the founding of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK)

Some of the lovely sailor drummers. One of the Arirang images that filtered through my dreams...
The childrens' displays were some of the most impressive and yet odd. But it is enough to make any gym teacher in America cry with jealousy.

A much more expansive version of the spinning hat dance seen all the time in the South. Despite the North's insistance on using history as a justification for everything, there was not nearly as much visible "historic" or "folk" images, dances, songs or architecture in the parts of the North we were allowed to see.

While the paratroopers and the bayonetting of U.S. GIs were removed from this performance of Arirang, there were still plenty of opportunities to see soldiers mimicking drill.
Unification and reconciliation with the South were key elements.

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